Who We Help

How do you take on the challenges and uncertainties of the financial services industry today? As market forces propel shifts in your organization’s structure and workforce, the demand for new and profitable business offerings and solutions increases. The competition is fierce, but so is your drive to get an edge and stay ahead.

Whatever market space you operate in, AK Advisory Partners is here to help you command it. With broad experience at a variety of financial services companies and a notable network of industry contacts, we offer unique insight into your business challenges and viable solutions for overcoming them. We understand the larger market influences and day-to-day internal matters you have to address to run a successful financial services organization.

At AK Advisory Partners we work with:

  • Sponsor Firms (Brokers/Dealers, Banks, Insurance Companies)
  • RIAs
  • Investment Management Firms
  • Financial Advisors

Each type of firm faces unique challenges. For example:

Sponsor Firms: In a bid to build a successful and highly reputable business, sponsors strive to affiliate with successful investment advisory firms and provide the best programs possible to their advisors. This can be accomplished through managerial, marketing and sales force initiatives that align with the market’s current demands and anticipate its future trends. A common hurdle is deciding which initiatives to undertake and whether to implement them individually or as an integrated effort.

RIAs: As attractive as running your own business seems on the surface, many advisors that have decided to go this route have often underestimated how hard it is to both run a business and grow client relationships. For RIAs with existing businesses, it is necessary to constantly evaluate and update your organizational structures, procedures and strategies.

Investment Management Firms: Investment management firms are under pressure to develop new and reliable products that exceed the expectations of value-oriented sponsors and their sophisticated clients. But pioneering product lines cannot stand alone. They need support from efficient back office systems and well-trained marketing teams. They also need to be offered in the appropriate distribution channels.

Financial Advisors: As a result of the events of the past year, many advisors find themselves having to actively market for new business for the first time in many years. Referrals have dried up, and revenues have declined. How do you differentiate yourself and your practice in an environment where clients are inclined to change advisors?

The common denominator is that AK Advisory Partners stands ready to provide innovative solutions. Contact us to learn more about our services.