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Top Ten Things Advisors Should Be Doing NOW!

OK – so the market is back down, the news from abroad is depressing, and it’s getting harder and harder to feel optimistic (despite the arrival of summer). So, what should you do? Here are some ideas to help you survive the day(s):

10 – Call your clients – now is the time to be proactive; if clients have to call you on days like we’ve had, you’re putting yourself way behind the eight ball;

9 – Exude confidence with your clients – clients are paying you to keep them calm during turbulent times – they are not paying you to commiserate with them;

8 – Have some value-added information to share with your clients – whether internal reports or forecasts, or external, show clients that you are taking the time to keep on top of things and that you do have a viewpoint;

7 – Call your clients – oh, did I already say that? Well – that’s because it’s the most important thing that you can do right now;

6 – Continue to execute your overall growth strategy – while it’s hard to think about the future during difficult market times, especially when you are seeing both you and your clients accounts drop in value, now is not the time to change course;

5 – Spend money to make money – your need to continue to invest in your business and not put off expenditures until things get better – you know that things will get better eventually – they always do;

4 – Rev up your marketing activities – winners and losers always emerge from market turmoil – the clients of all of those advisors who are not calling, and are hiding under the table , will be looking for new advisors at some point;

3 – Take the time to ensure that your value proposition and mission statement are strong and truly reflect why you are better than the competition;

2 – Make sure that your communications prominently display your value proposition and mission statement so that clients and prospects never forget why you are the best; and

1 – Take a deep breath – this too shall pass.

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