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Social Media and the Financial Services Industry

Needless to say, I am a believer in the important role that social media has in helping to build a financial services business; it has helped me in my practice tremendously. I reviewed the best book that I have read on the topic – The Digital Handshake by Paul Chaney – in this blog on March 13th. I still think you should read the book for a great overview of the many social media outlets that are available and how they might be relevant to your particular business.

For those that are ready to jump in though, I wanted to introduce an exciting new online resource┬ácalled Jarupa.┬áJarupa offers online courses in learning WordPress, Email Marketing, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization and much more. Click here to learn more about Jarupa. Now – for purposes of full disclosure – Jarupa is the brainchild of Angela Nielsen, a strategic partner with AK in Zenith Creative Group.

Take a look for yourself – investing a few hours of your time in an on-line class is the quickest way to make social media work for you!

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