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Business Planning for Advisory Firms

This is the title of a presentation I am giving Wednesday at TD Ameritrade Institutional’s 2011 National Conference. Click here for a full copy. The five sections of the presentation include:

1. Mission statements – how to start off on the right foot with a targeted and unique mission statement that encapsulates your value-added proposition and differentiating characteristics.

2. Business planning – How to develop a business plan that will assist you in taking your practice to the next level.

3. Client strategies – How to build goals and segment clients so that your capabilities and goals are in synch.

4. Performance management and measurement – How to measure your progress.

5. Resource allocation – How to allocate or reallocate your resources to put them to their best use.

I hope you find this information useful. Many view business planning as a necessary evil – and in some ways it is! But you and your business will be better for going through and sticking with the process.

(Contact me if you want copies of the worksheets that accompany the presentation.)

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