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The 10 Keys to 2011 Marketing Success

We just completed our newest White Paper – The 10 Keys to 2011 Marketing Success.

The White Paper begins:

The economic events of the past two years have brought with them the reality that while referrals are great, and will always be part of growing a business successfully, many practices that have relied on referrals exclusively have more recently needed to supplement these referrals with a more active marketing approach.

For those who have not had to actively market for a number of years, or those who have not been happy with their marketing success – or lack thereof – one of the stark realities is that marketing has changed. Competition has increased, clients have become more discerning and social media has had a dramatic impact on the types of activities that are most effective.

Click on the link above to read the rest of the Paper. It can also, along with the other White Papers referenced in it, be found on the Resources tab of our website.

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