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What High New Worth Clients REALLY Want

Last Friday’s blog was entitled “Do You REALLY Know What High New Worth Clients Want?” It discussed the results of a Cerulli Associates/Phoenix Market International survey of the top nine things that high new worth individuals look for in advisors. My blog listed the nine things, but not in order of importance – go back and read last week’s blog now, because this is your last chance to try and rank the nine things yourself before I show you the answers…….


  1. Maintain lifestyle in retirement – 31.4%
  2. College education funding – 19.6%
  3. Protect current level of wealth – 14.6%
  4. Aggressively grow wealth – 14%
  5. Leave an estate for heirs – 9.8%
  6. Charitable giving – 4.2%
  7. Minimize income and capital gains taxes – 2.4%
  8. Improve household cash flow – 1.9%
  9. Better manage market risk – 1.9%


Now – how does your marketing strategy and product and service offerings match up with these results? We all know that surveys will come-up with different results, but the general lessons are all pretty consistent these days:

Especially in light of the economic difficulties that so many people have experienced over the past few years, more and more people are worried about their retirement, about funding their major obligations – such as college – and about preserving the wealth that they have attained. Preservation has for most surpassed growth. The new mantra for many has become Retirement, Retirement, Retirement.

Consistent with the above, high net worth individuals are more concerned with long-term concerns than shorter-term ones – such as minimizing taxes this year and managing market risk. That is not to say that these concepts are not important and that they should not be addressed – they should. But they should be somewhat down the line in the presentations that you give clients and prospects.

Make your clients concerns your concerns and your focus and you will be more successful in growing your business.

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