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Preparing for 2013 and Beyond

Our 4th Quarter Unlocking Real Value newsletter is out and features our latest White Paper: “Preparing for 2013 and Beyond.”

As 2012 enters its final months, it’s time to either start planning your marketing for 2013 and beyond if you haven’t done so yet, or, if you have, review your marketing plan to ensure that it remains on target.

The competitive landscape within financial services remains tough. Bad press continues to plague the industry, individual investors remain skeptical and the fiscal cliff looms.

Against this backdrop, successful planning is one of the best ways to hedge yourself and your business against the unknown, and to increase the odds that you’ll be successful. Your marketing plan must be detailed yet flexible.

For each section of your marketing plan, make sure that you:

  • Detail specific activities;
  • Identify the audience each activity is targeted to;
  • Know who is responsible for each activity;
  • Know how you’re going to measure success; and
  • Are prepared to make adjustments if necessary.

This White Paper contains tips for helping you adapt to this changing environment as you develop or revise your marketing plan. As you go through this process, be sure that you have the time and resources to implement it without negatively impacting your business.

Click here to download the White Paper.

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