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Advisor Tidbits – A Roundup Of Industry Thinking

I’ve read a number of interesting articles/reports lately that merit a mention – and could help lead to business-building ideas.

1) Referrals – a recent study by Prudential about referrals indicates that while clients think it takes 4.8 years on average to build up enough trust to make referrals, most advisors think that such trust is built in half of the time – just over two years. Perhaps advisors need to be a little more patient! The good news, however, is that while clients believe that referrals have a lot of social risk, more than half of the people surveyed have made referrals, and another third said that they would.

2) Fee-based compensation – According to Cogent Research LLC, two-thirds of industrywide compensation will come from asset-based fees by 2015, up from 59% today. The study included 1,700 financial advisors with an average of just over $100 million under management. The likely biggest loser from this continuing and growing trend – actively managed mutual funds.

3) Advisors too focused on baby boomers – a recent Cerulli Associates report (conducted in conjunction with Phoenix Marketing International) warned that advisors are focusing too much of their time on baby boomers, just at the time when these investors are going to be retiring and entering the spend-down phase of their lives. Simultaneously, fewer than 20% of investors under the age of 40 feel that they are getting enough attention. Advisors, by ignoring these younger investors, could miss out not only from the growth in assets of these investors as they become more successful, bus also from the more than $2,3 trillion in investible assets estimated to be transferred via inheritance between 2026 and 2030.

4) Wirehouses face continued threat from RIAs – the Aite Group, in a new report, indicates that independent shops and discount brokers should continue to benefit from their ability to tailor customer experiences more easily than wirehouse advisors. While there is no denying the continued growth in market share of wirehouse competitors, I for one still believe that a wirehouse advisor can be successful and create a very good client experience – they just have to work a little harder at it! (According to the story, RIAs boosted assets last year by 18.2%, discount brokers by 12% and the wirehouses by 8.2%.)



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