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Top Ten Reasons to Read “Switch – How to Change Things When Change is Hard”

Great book! We all know that change is difficult. This book by Chip Heath and Dan Heath helps frame change in a manageable way, so that much of the mystery of how to make change work for you and your business is revealed. In their terminology – which you will only understand when you read the book – Direct the Rider, Motivate the Elephant and Shape the Path!

This book gives you actionable ideas and helps you:

10 – Deal with the rational mind which wants change and the emotional mind that likes the comfort of the existing routine.

9 – Direct the person in charge while motivating the one expected to follow directions.

8 – Shape the path – change must be defined and attainable – the more specific the better.

7 – Make change manageable – investigate what is working and clone it.

6 – Script the critical moves and point to the destination.

5 – Make people feel something – knowing change is not enough to change behavior.

4 – Tweak the environment – when the situation changes, behavior changes.

3 – Build habits – when behavior is habitual it is free and not apt to change.

2 – Rally the herd – behavior is contagious – help it spread.

1 – This book is the opposite of TBU (true but useless) ideas – read it to improve the quality of your life and your business.

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